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Welcome to the Original Pick-your-Own Strawberry Farm near Hartbeespoort Dam

Welcome to our Farm

Our Strawberry Farm is situated in the beautiful valley at the foot of the Magalies mountains near Hartbeespoort Dam.

We are a fully working farm offering organic Strawberry Picking in Spring as well as a relaxing Day Spa and Guest House all year round.

Forage & Feast currently serves breakfast on weekends & public holidays, and our legendary double thick milkshakes and delicious Strawberry Cheesecake  - to die for ! 



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13 October 2019

What a fabulous day of strawberry picking yesterday. We had some BIG beauts come out of the fields early in the morning. However, it does not matter what the size is, our strawberries always taste delicious.... the little ones sometimes are even sweeter. So look for those.  Bigger is not always better!

5 September 2019

What a fabulous time of the year !

We are having beautiful Spring weather with all the leaves starting to appear on the trees. The grass is turning green and the world is coming alive again after a long, cold sleep. We have lots of birds singing in our trees, the ducks and geese are laying their eggs. 

The strawberry fields are looking good!


4 November 2018

Nature is treating us gently. We are having beautiful weather for strawberry picking.

A great time to relax and unwind.


blog post

Gearing up for Strawberry Picking Season 2018

Preparations are in full swing for our 2018 Strawberry Picking season.

Lots of activity and excitement is in the air!

See you all soon !!!

The 2017 strawberry picking season is over.

If you have missed it, our 2017 strawberry picking season has ended. We will be open for picking again near the end of September 2018.

It's been a pretty good strawberry season this year, with record amounts of strawberries being produced by our plants this year.

Now the hard work and preparation for next year kicks into high gear. As you may have read, we have started with preparations for our 2018 season already. Bags have been placed under the new runners, and a lot have rooted really well. From now until the end of next week we will be working flat out to ensure as many plants are rooted in these bags as possible. While the majority of the field staff are seeing to that, others will be ploughing and planting a huge variety of beans. These beans will give nitrogen back into the soil whilst they grow, and then they will be ploughed in, along with a good amount of Epsom Salts, egg shells and banana peels. All of these add natural goodness to the soil, all to help stimulate the strawberry plants, and assist with production of fruit next year. 

This year we will be planting in beans amongst the strawberry plants, along with herbs such as basil, borage, and coriander - not forgetting that we will also include marigolds to the mix too, as they work wonders with a lot of the bugs out there.

So, enough chit-chat, there is a lot of work to be done.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us this season, to pick and eat our sumptuous strawberries, we hope to #seeyouinthefields next year for an even better picking experience.    

The last day of strawberry season 2017...

It's another fantastic morning on The Strawberry Farm. It's perfect for picking our delicious sweet, red, organic strawberries.

Today is our last day of picking for the 2017 season, so, if you have missed out this year, today is your last opportunity to pick. The fields have enjoyed the rain over the last couple of weeks - the grass and weeds are testament to this, with their growth being incredible. This also goes to show that we are organic, as if we had been using poisons, there would be little to no growth of these plants amongst the strawberries.

With this being said, there are still a lot of strawberries in the fields first thing this morning, but it will be a hunt between the grasses and weeds. The fields are fairly muddy still too, making for a good day out in the country - most definitely not a city type experience.

Come out, bring the family, have a great day - don't forget the sunscreen and hats.


Mud,grass and weeds...

We had even more rain last night meaning that the fields are very wet this morning. The rain over the last week or 2 has slowed the removal of grasses and weeds from the fields, so they are rather overgrown at the moment.

Yes, we will be open for picking today, with a good possibility of picking tomorrow - we will have to play it by ear, depending on how much in the way of strawberries will be left at the end of today.

Beautiful blue skies, chirpy birds and a warm humid day await us. So, get here early to enjoy the pick of the picking.

Don't forget the sunscreen, hats and old shoes or "Wellies"


We have one weekend of picking left...

Yes, you read right!!! The season will finish this coming weekend. We expected last weekend to be the end of it, but the weather has brought its' side by giving us wet, cool weather. 

All of the plants have been lapping up the rain and flourishing in the cooler weather this week - that includes the grass and weeds. Our field staff haven't been able to get into the fields much at all, due to the weather conditions of the last few days, and some of last week. This has lead to a huge spike in the grass and weed growth. The fields look nothing like they did a few weeks ago, between the extreme growth of "other" plants in the fields, the strawberry plants have been sending out runners like crazy. This makes finding the strawberries more of a "hide-and-seek" adventure, as opposed the relative ease with which they were being found a couple of weekends ago.

So, if you're into some serious nature adventure this weekend, come out to The Strawberry Farm to get your fill. From a really muddy experience - take off your shoes and walk through the fields barefoot, or don a pair of "Wellies" 'cause the mud sticks like mad, and it's much easier to clean feet or "Wellies" than it is to clean regular shoes, to hunting down elusive strawberries in amongst the undergrowth - they are there, the farmer has been checking on them.

We will be adding some pictures to our Instagram account during today, to show you guys what the situation is like in the fields. If you're on Instagram, follow us @the_strawberry_farm. We will be posting more about what we do and how things are coming along on the farm - from our organic veggies, to preparing the fields for next season, all the way through to spa specials and upcoming events. Yes, it's taking us some time to get to all of these wonderful social media things, we live on the farm, out here technology takes some time to catch up and then still be explored.

Saturday will see the kitchen closing about half an hour earlier than usual, but milkshakes and deserts will still be available until 4 pm.

We have just checked the weather, for the umpteenth time in the last few days, and it looks like we may be in for a partly cloudy weekend, or the sun might be out in all its' glory, we still aren't 100% sure yet.

So, bring the kids out to the farm on the weekend (we are still not open during the week, yes, we know it's school holidays officially from tomorrow - last day of school today) for a different experience.



Gorgeous weather, get out of the city...

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it's a gorgeous morning on The Strawberry Farm. Finished your month end shopping? Enjoyed the Sevens Rugby? It's a perfect day to head out of the city, to get some fresh air and sunshine, along with a healthy dose of our delicious, sweet, organic strawberries.

We will even throw in a bit of a muddy barefoot experience this morning as we had some fantastic rain last night and the early hours of the morning. 

We expect this to be our last day of picking for this season, and there are still plenty strawberries to pick today as the majority of people stayed away to do their month end shopping, along with watching the rugby and any other sports that were on the go.

Bring the family for a great day out, or just to experience our amazing organic strawberries. Pack in the sunscreen and hats, as the sun is in full force already. Bring along a picnic, or order something from our restaurant - it's up to you.

The fields open at 7:30 am and we should be open until 4 this afternoon.

We will post here what is happening in the fields this coming week...


This should be it...

It's another beautiful morning on The Strawberry Farm, nice and overcast.

We have a 60% chance of rain for this morning up to 12 o'clock, after that there doesn't seem to be any chance of rain according to the weatherman, but we all know that he can get it very wrong at times.

This should be our last weekend of picking for the 2017 season. We have experienced more and more runners on the strawberry plants over the last few weeks, and with the increase of the runners, the production of strawberries drops, until eventually we have no fruit forming. By this point, we have also reduced the amount of field staff required for clearing the fields of weeds and grass, and, with the rain we have experienced this week - around 45 mm in total - the grass and weeds have grown rampantly. The ladies have taken some strain attempting to keep the fields and walkways clear.

On this note

  • the fields have a lot of growth in them, and are not clear like previous weekends.
  • there are little bags in between strawberry plants to help us propagate the new strawberry plants without disturbing their roots (I'll go into that in more detail in another post) - please do not stand on these bags, and these plants are not for sale (yet).
  • it's going to be a little more difficult to find the strawberries - yes, there is still plenty fruit this morning, just seeing them through the undergrowth is a little more difficult.

If you haven't managed to visit us this season yet, make sure it is this weekend that you make it out here to us. If you don't make it out to us, you'll more than likely have to wait until late September/ early October 2018 to pick our amazing strawberries.

Our irrigation dam is low again, even though we managed to fill it quite well last week. This should be remedied on Wednesday or Thursday this coming week as it will be our water turn again. If your wishing to picnic, rather enjoy our picnic dam or the shade with plenty grass. 

There are still mulberries to be had and the blackberries are starting to ripen. The blackberries look just like raspberries, but bigger, before they are ripe. With a little searching through the plants, you may find the odd ripe one - these are a dark purple that looks rather black when ripe. Please only pick these once ripe, otherwise they are not enjoyable.

As far as veggies go, we have the following available for picking:-

  • Carrots- a good variety of heirloom carrots, from white ones to purple ones, with the majority of them being varieties of orange carrots.
  • Radishes - not just red ones.
  • Beetroot - Striped beetroot, (Chioggia) albino white beetroot, regular red beetroot, and cylindra- a cylindrical beetroot.
  • Swiss Chard - similar to spinach, but nicer
  • Cos lettuce - plenty of it
  • Cinnamon Basil, and a bunch of other herbs
  • Beans - Green beans and Purple beans
  • Baby Marrows - both Green and Yellow Baby Marrows

So, with that all being said, get down to The Strawberry Farm to pick a good variety of organic produce this weekend.


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