The Strawberry Farm

Welcome to the Original Pick-your-Own Strawberry Farm near Hartbeespoort Dam

Welcome to our Farm

Tangaroa, The Strawberry Farm, is situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains near Hartbeespoort Dam.

We are a fully working farm offering organic Strawberry Picking in Spring and Fruit and Vegetable Picking on the last weekend of every month.

On the property, there is a relaxing Day Spa and Guest House.

Fraise Restaurant and Catering is also based at the Strawberry Farm, offering picnics, light meals as well as gourmet fare.

And we are done for the weekend!!!

October 11, 2015

This weekend has been another one for the books. Loads of people have come through and enjoyed our little farm and the strawberries look like they have almost been picked out for the weekend. 

Don't worry, we will have again for next weekend.

The kitchen got thumped again today, even with the extra staff, WOW, what a day!!!

It's been a crazy one.

The clean up now starts...

Get here early!!!

October 11, 2015

Yesterday we had an another incredible day of picking. Loads of people braved the heat, which wasn't as bad as anticipated, to head down to our fields and devour our delicious strawberries.

This morning, the cars have been flowing in since early, probably to beat the heat. We would suggest that if you're after some of our strawberries, you should arrive early to avoid disappointment, the later you arrive, the less probability of finding some of our sweet red treasures. Feel free to give us a call before you head through, just to check. 

We will keep this page updated as the day goes on.

Don't forget the sunscreen and hats. We have been watering like crazy, so the fields may have a bit of mud, and new shoes would not be advisable...

The heat is insane!

October 8, 2015

This heat is madness!!!

The week has been one of the hottest we have experienced in a long time, by 8:30 this morning it was already 28 degrees!!! We are trying to get more irrigation pipe down into the fields, and this heat makes it very unpleasant for us to spend long hours down there, but we deal with it. The farmer says that it felt like all the moisture was being sucked out of him and if it was possible, there would be dried strawberries to pick this weekend...  ...and then we had just enough rain this afternoon to make everything a little dusty and dirty, what an anti-climax! We watched with anticipation as the storm clouds built and rolled in, the wind had some of our big trees bending and swaying, quite a thing of beauty that! 

The fields are looking fantastic for picking this weekend, the heat isn't helping much, but we are pumping water like mad to ensure our delicious berries keep producing. I think a few of the fields staff appreciate the cool spray during the sweltering hours!

We are closed tomorrow for picking, just to make sure we have enough for this coming weekend. We have had quite a turn out this week, better than we anticipated. We will consider being open at some point during the December holidays too, strawberries permitting.

Please folks, this weekend, make sure you bring sun cream, a hat and a water bottle when you come to pick. The weatherman says its gonna be hot, and we don't want people dehydrating down in the fields. We do sell water, in bottles, and if you take them down to the fields, you are more than welcome to refill the bottles from the taps down there. Our water is good, and it tastes much better than that of the city, plus it doesn't come from the dam down the road...

See you at The Strawberry Farm this weekend!!! Come through early, even if it is just to beat the heat!!!

We open at 7:30am!

What a weekend!!!

October 5, 2015

Wow, what a weekend we had!!! 

The fields were bursting with strawberries on Saturday morning, waiting for the eager pickers to arrive, and boy did they arrive!

Loads of people made the trip out to us this weekend and enjoyed the abundance of strawberries that lasted the whole weekend. Yes, as usual, we had the odd couple of people that expect the strawberries to jump out at them, which they just don't do, as the strawberries like to lie in the shade of their leaves, out of the sunshine, and keep cool. Besides them, we had plenty happy pickers, embracing the country air, devouring our delicious sweet fruit. Several people took a few buckets of strawberries home with them, one person was spotted with a good 7 overflowing buckets of strawberries, WOW!!!

The kitchen was mayhem from quite early on both days of picking this weekend, with our small team starting at earlier than usual to be ready for the mad rush of food orders that was sure to come. The madness did not disappoint. The service was much smoother this weekend than last weekend, most of the wrinkles were ironed out during the week.

Over all, it was an amazing weekend, thank you for all of the support that we are getting from everyone out there, it is greatly appreciated. 

Ready for this weekend!!!

October 2, 2015

It's another incredible, yet busy, day here on The Strawberry Farm.

The sun is shining, and a slightly cool breeze is blowing through the fields.

Speaking of fields, we've just been down to check up on those delicious strawberries. What a sight to behold!!!

Loads of sweet, beautifully red, strawberries, ripe for the picking. It looks like it's going to be another insane weekend on the farm. Plenty juicy strawberries to pick and eat this weekend.

Pack the family, bring along the sunscreen and hats ('cos it gets quite hot in the fields, and nobody wants a bad case of sunburn).

Remember, it can be a little muddy down in the fields, so please don't wear your best shoes, or bring along an old pair of shoes or wellies.

Don't forget to come early...


Just a little info to keep everyone up to date...

September 30, 2015

It's a crazy hot day on the farm, and has been the last couple of days.

We have managed to fill our dam, no, not the new one (that still needs a bit of work until we get to that point), and in the process found that our dam still leaks a bit, and plans are being made to find the source of this leak.

A mid-day walk down in the fields is crazy in this heat, but someone had to do it. The strawberries are recuperating nicely from the craziness of the weekend, and it looks like we will have loads of fruit for picking this coming weekend.

We are frantically cleaning more of the fields, the weeds are a serious menace this year, its a constant battle to keep them at bay. We should have an extra half a field cleared for this weekend.

On a rather sad note, we have lost 6 of our little goslings since they made their appearance a couple of weeks ago. It's part of life on the farm, unfortunately. 

Picking so far...

September 27, 2015

It's another amazing day at the Strawberry Farm.

Even though we didn't have much in the way of strawberries yesterday, we still had loads of people come through to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, the odd bit of veggie picking as well as the tea garden. 

We would suggest, once again, that if you are planning on taking a drive out to us, just to pick strawberries, to hold it over until next weekend, or the weekends following. There are rumours of there being some strawberries deep in the weeds, some people with patience and perseverance have been searching for them and have not been disappointed.  

The small team in the kitchen is feeling a little battered, but still up for the challenge. Yes, there where a few hiccoughs on the first day, but that is to be expected with the onslaught we experienced. We make the food fresh, and it can take a little time, especially when the tea garden is full.


Strawberry Picking off to an explosive start

September 26, 2015

So, the season kicked off in a bigger way than we could ever possibly expected.

We opened up for picking on Thursday morning and were picked out of strawberries by 2pm, it was 4 days worth of strawberries!!!

If you are planning on taking a drive out here to us today, rather hold it over until next weekend or the weekends after that, to avoid disappointment.

We have very few ripe strawberries out there this morning, and doubt those will last long today.

The tea garden will be open the whole weekend, and we will still have veggie picking. 

The season started with a bang, and we are picked out already!!!

September 24, 2015

Our Strawberry picking season has started with a vengeance...!

Due to the unexpectedly HUGE amount of people visiting our farm today, we do not have sufficient ripe strawberries to be open for strawberry picking tomorrow Friday 25 September.

We will be open again for strawberry picking on Saturday 26 September 2015.

Bring the family, the in-laws, pack the aunties and the uncles in the car, but please leave your pets at home.

Bring along sunscreen, a hat, and a huge hunger for strawberries...

No booking is required for picking, just rock up and enjoy yourself!!!

Just to be sure, call us first!!!

Our tea garden will be in full swing, I know the guys are eager to get the season started, with a few changes to the regular kitchen team.

We looking forward to hosting you.


September 21, 2015

Thursday 24 September will mark the start of our 2015 strawberry picking season!!!

We will be open for picking from Thursday right through to Sunday, berries allowing...

Pack in the family, slap on the sunscreen, pull on a hat, leave the city behind, and join us at The Strawberry Farm for some delicious organic strawberries, picked by you!

Our tea garden will be open from Thursday to Sunday.

For more information, please visit our Strawberry picking page.

See you on the weekend!!!

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