The Strawberry Farm

Welcome to the Original Pick-your-Own Strawberry Farm near Hartbeespoort Dam

Welcome to our Farm

Tangaroa, The Strawberry Farm, is situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains near Hartbeespoort Dam.

We are a fully working farm offering organic Strawberry Picking in Spring and Fruit and Vegetable Picking on the last weekend of every month.

On the property, there is a relaxing Day Spa and Guest House.

Fraise Restaurant and Catering is also based at the Strawberry Farm, offering picnics, light meals as well as gourmet fare.

A week of good weather...

November 20, 2015

Thankfully this week was a little cooler than it has been lately, the whole farm appreciates that.

Most of the week was pretty dry, we had a day or two with a few drops of rain here and there. Last night though, wow!!! Incredible down pour, lots of good, well needed rain. According to Weather SA, we should be expecting more rain today, with 30% chance during the early hours of tomorrow morning, followed by a full weekend of hot, sunny weather.

The strawberries are looking pretty good for this weekend, there are some beautifully large berries begging to be picked.

Besides the strawberries, the veggies are looking amazing. We have green beans, yellow beans and purple beans, all of which are producing very well. There is also beetroot, baby marrows (both green and yellow), Chinese cabbage, a few carrots, Hubbard squash, radishes and a good few other veggies out there to pick.

Bring some old shoes, "wellies" or go down barefoot, either way, it's sure to be a rather muddy experience as the fields got a good soaking last night.

We expect to have strawberries available for the next couple of weekends, after that we will play it by ear...

See you at the farm. 

Hot, confused weather...

November 13, 2015

The temperatures this week on the farm have been insanely hot. There was one evening at 7:30 pm that it was still 39°C...

The strawberries aren't sure what to make of the heat, as there has been no rain which normally follows the hot weather around.

One valley over, there was a huge fire, took out most of the farms, it was insane - the sky was a bright orange glow

We have strawberries available this weekend, not as much as the beginning of the season, due to the adverse weather conditions, but we should make it through a relatively calm weekend. We are expecting Sunday to be quite quiet as 2 main routes to get to us will be closed in Jo'burg due to the 94.7 Cycle challenge.

It's been a busy week on the farm, lots of repairs, planting, clearing and more planning going on. All of us on the farm appreciated the slightly overcast conditions that we experienced twice this week, it broke the oppressive heat, promptly adding a whole bunch of humidity which isn't that much fun.

It's going to be another crazy hot weekend out here according to the weather service, and hopefully the rain comes on Tuesday.

Looking forward to all the visitors to the farm this weekend, see you there.

Don't forget the sunscreen, hats, etc...  



The strawberries are about at an end for this weekend...

November 8, 2015

As we thought, this weekend wouldn't be a good weekend for picking.

The strawberries are about picked out for the day. We are still open for those adventurous people that are wanting to spend some time down in the fields searching for strawberries. We also have mulberries, regular ones, white ones and a kind of rose colour too, as well as a selection of veggies to pick.

The tea garden will be open until 4 this afternoon, so pop by, or bring a picnic, come and spend a relaxing day on the farm.

Gone half way through the season...

November 6, 2015

Last weekend signified the middle of our season, or there abouts...

We should still have about 5 weekends of strawberry picking left, and as it goes, there will be less and less fruit to pick. The plants have decided that this heat isn't good and that it's full-on summer, they have started to send out their runner plants, which is their way of signifying that the fruit will be coming to an end. 

When the runners start making an appearance, we know that the season will be coming to an end slowly but surely.

There is still fruit out there,and we should have about 5 weeks of picking left before the season really is at an end for us. By that time, our blackberries and raspberries should be in season, and they have a very short season with us. We will be open for picking of those berries and our other organic produce into December.

We have quite a variety of produce currently in season - carrots, baby marrows (regular and yellow), beetroot, Chinese cabbage, pak choi, leeks, baby leeks, red lettuce, green beans, sugar snap peas, thyme, chives, radishes, multi-coloured swiss chard (spinach), regular spinach, we will have Hubbard squash, butternut and purple beans available soon too for picking.

It's always sad when the season has peaked and the end starts getting closer. For us it's a vibrant time, almost festive during the season. There is a constant buzz, and that starts fading as the plants make less and less fruit.

The farm doesn't stop though. There is a lot of preparation for next season that starts now, yes, during this season still. The work doesn't end... it intensifies as we scurry around, planning, putting our plans in place, upgrading... learning from the mistakes of this season... Trying new things, experimenting... We learn new things each season, what works, what doesn't, for us it's a lot of trial and error, but it's worth it.

Pop in to the farm this weekend, don't forget the hats, sunscreen and old shoes.

Bring the family for a good day out, or just come through for breakfast...

See you on the farm!!!

Picked out early today...

November 1, 2015

Sheesh, the people have been piling in today to pick strawberries, 7:15 saw the arrival of our first pickers this morning and it's been pretty non-stop since then. Yes, we are picked out, again... amazing weekend.

If it's just strawberries you are after, you'll need to hold it over until next weekend, or so.

There aren't any strawberries left to pick, but we do still have mulberries, and our organic veggies including green beans, sugar snap peas, carrots, etc... (the list is on our veggie picking page)

Our tea garden will still be open until 4pm this afternoon, so head on through to The Strawberry Farm for some lunch or a little something sweet, laze under the trees with your own picnic, or just enjoy a bit of veggie picking.

See you on the farm!!!


Busy, busy, busy...

October 31, 2015

We are Busy, busy, busy ...

The strawberry fields have had many visitors today, loads of pickers!

We are still open, however it will be a game of hide and seek with the strawberries! Come and enjoy!

The organic veggie picking and tea garden are still open too!

See you on the farm!!!

Season so far...

October 31, 2015

It's been an amazing season so far...

Loads of people have made their way through our fields, enjoying our sweet red bounty. Some have visited us 2, 3 and even 4 times this season, which is a first for us.

The season hasn't been without its ups and downs, the weather also hasn't played its part - this heat without rain really isn't conducive to production of strawberries, yet here we are... About 850 kg of strawberries sold, and much more eaten in the fields, its been a good season. 

Yesterday, the farmer noticed some of the plants starting to send out their runners (the way the baby plants are made) which usually indicates the season has passed its peak and production will start to slow as we head to the end of the year and the fields get hotter...

For the next few weeks, probably about 6 or so, we should have strawberries available for picking - as there are still loads of flowers out there, and they take 6 weeks from flower to ripe red strawberry. 

Come through to the country this weekend, enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and a whole bunch of naturally grown fresh produce.

See you on the farm! 

Good News !

October 28, 2015


Our strawberry fields have now have time to recover from the pickings over the past weekend and we will be open for strawberry picking again on this coming Saturday & Sunday. So pack your hats, sunscreen & sunglasses and head out into the country for a fun filled day of fresh air, sunshine & delicious food.   See you then !

All picked out

October 25, 2015

Yup, it's true folks...

The strawberry fields have been picked out for this weekend. We will be paying the plants loads of attention this week, nursing them after the ravaging they have been through this weekend. We will have strawberries next weekend for picking again.

We still have mulberries and our range of organic veggies for picking. If its only strawberries you are after, you'll need to hold it over to next weekend.

Thank you for the support folks, see you next week.

Pity about the rugby...

October 25, 2015

So, the Boks lost to the All Blacks in a really tough game last night, lets hope we can manage 3rd place.

Anyway, enough about that... Our strawberries took a beating of their own yesterday, with loads of people coming through to pick. It appears that the heat is taking its toll on the strawberries and they are recovering slower and slower.

There are quite a few strawberries in the fields, the farmer went down this morning to check, amid claims that the strawberries were finished. Patience and perseverance are the name of the game today, as most of the strawberries are in amongst the plants, and not sticking out much. There is a good variety as far as size goes, with loads of little ones and quite a few larger berries - whether it's a small berry or a large one, if its deep red, they taste the same and are as sweet as each other.

Get here early to avoid disappointment, as we will more than likely have another busy day. Feel free to hold it over to another weekend if you're wanting to take strawberries home, as the price today is R85 per kg (due to availability). 

Don't forget, we also have mulberries and a pretty good selection of organic veggies available to pick and take home.

Bring the family, come and relax on the farm.

The tea garden is open until 4 this afternoon, with all of our usual delicious goodies.

Have an awesome Sunday !


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