The Strawberry Farm

Welcome to the Original Pick-your-Own Strawberry Farm near Hartbeespoort Dam

About The Strawberry Farm

The 9.4ha farm was bought by the owners in 1999 to escape of the hustle and bustle of the big city life.

Originally a sheep speculation farm, dating back to 1881, with extremely fertile clay soil, it soon found new life as a strawberry farm starting with a mere 500 strawberry plants. 

Some of the old rooms were renovated and became a guest house, which were run part-time in the early days. Over the next few years the situation changed and the guest house got busier and the strawberry patch got bigger, eventually big enough for the guest house visitors to enjoy strawberries during the spring months.

After a few years, the strawberries in the fields were in profusion and so strawberry picking was born.

The news of strawberry picking picked up momentum as people spread the word about picking and eating delicious natural organically grown strawberries in the fields. Some berries were the size of peaches. 

The Spa at The Strawberry Farm came into being after a few years. The spa opened at first as an addition to the guest house, stay over and have a massage, or have a full day of massage, dinner, bed and breakfast. The owners daughter, who is a massage therapist and trainer, assisted with the training of the spa therapists and the setting up of the spa. The spa grew in leaps and bounds, offering more affordable treatments than most other spas out there. As it grew, due to the demand for the Spa some of the guest house rooms were converted to Spa Treatment rooms.

Currently, the guest house consists of 3 double rooms, two of which have spa baths in them.

Dayn, the owner's son joined them full time on the farm in 2010. A qualified and experienced chef and fresh from training and lecturing aspiring chefs, he took over the catering on the farm. He has slowly built a small team in the kitchen, catering for the guests in the guest house and looking after the culinary needs of the spa clients. There is also Forage & Feast restaurant which he opened, a family restaurant, focusing on good, wholesome, locally sourced ingredients. Forage & Feast has an ever changing chalkboard menu, often offering a good Sunday Lunch, as well as some rather "different" menu options.

Fraise, an extension of the farms' restaurant, is the Gourmet outlet on the farm. Here, on certain evenings, the chefs stretch their legs and offer up a multi-course, wine paired gourmet dinner. These evenings are by prior booking only.

Dayn took over the farming in 2013. With a passion for fresh organic produce, he started his own kitchen garden, which has expanded into part of the picking experience of the farm.

2014 saw the best strawberry season the farm had experienced in 8 years, with an estimated 4 tons of strawberries produced.

As this is a working farm, we have our beloved pets, 6 dogs, 3 cats, a gaggle of geese, a handful of ducks and an amazing amount of wild bird life. Nature runs free on our farm, so please don't bring your own pets. Our pets do not appreciate the "animal visitors".

Our dogs may be big, but they are very customer friendly. 




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