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Another week starts...

Well, that's another weekend done and dusted, and what a weekend it was.

The strawberries held their own over this busy weekend, and we still have loads of the sweet red beauties in the fields this morning. This is good, as we have a school group coming through tomorrow, and they are looking at taking about 12kgs of strawberries home, as well as the kids eating their fill.

This weekend was one of the craziest ones we have had, ever! With over 500 people coming through over the last 2 days to devour our sweet red bounty, we were packed. Bearing in mind, previous years have had much less response than this year, all our planning had been based on the info we have had, or experienced, before. Yes, each year there has been a bit of growth, except for 2 seasons ago, where we only had 2 weekends of strawberry picking - Mother nature didn't like us that year.This year has seen insane growth, both from the plants themselves, and from the response from the public. Our staffing compliment that we had planned for, turned out to be short of what we actually needed, not due to bad planning, but due to an unexpected overwhelming response from you, the public. We are working hard to ensure your experience with us is a good one, through continued training of staff, and through expanding our seasonal staffing compliment.

This is quite a learning curve this season. 

The farmer is pleased with the growth he has seen from the fields. From the hugely expanded strawberry fields, through to the selection of vegetables available, as well as the recently added micro greens that are used in the kitchen. If you had asked him 3 years ago if he imagined the farm to look this good, he probably would have wet himself laughing. He has ploughed loads of time and effort into the expansion of the produce and to make the variety grow in a big way. 

As for the kitchen... The team of four that slaves away from early morning until the late hours of the evening, in the heat and seeming chaos of their confines, headed up by the chef, didn't expect the onslaught that they have been experiencing. Yes, there are hiccoughs, that is normal. They make the food fresh, every day. There is no precook and reheat, the chef is pedantic about that - it has to be fresh!!! From the scones (which get baked every morning, and sometimes the new guy leaves them on the hot "pass" by mistake - making them seem to be hard and stale) to the potato and sweet potato crisps served with the toasted sandwiches, these are all made fresh each day. The waffles are cooked to order, even the chicken for the chicken mayo toasted sandwiches is grilled to order. Fresh is best! Yes, sometimes it slows things down, but it makes it worth the little extra wait. 

Yesterday, the chef closed the kitchen for food orders for just over an hour - milkshakes and virgin daiquiris were still available to be ordered - this needed to be done, as we had a group booking of Slow Food Magalies Valley here for a long-table event. order of the day:Strawberry, Brie and Biltong Salad, followed by Peppered Fillet of Beef with Strawberry, Cape Ruby "Port" and Pinotage Sauce on Leek and Garlic Mashed Potatoes and a Selection of Fresh, Seasonal, Organic Vegetables. They headed down to the fields after their main course was enjoyed, to go and pick some strawberries. Upon their return, they were served dessert named "A sumptuous stroll through the strawberry fields" a dessert that was a compilation of strawberry themed items, including incredible strawberry macarons, soft dark chocolate truffle, Italian (boiled) meringue, chocolate soil, cheesecake ice-cream, meringue dust, strawberry coulis and yes, our very own strawberries (Thanks to Ruth, Megan, Josh and Taya for the help plating and sending the food out). The lunch was well received by the Slow Fooders. As soon as the main course went out, the kitchen was open again for food orders. It was something that had to be done. Some folks were upset about the kitchen closing, others were quite happy to relax under the trees, sipping on milkshakes. Chef says that he was happier to close the kitchen than have people order their food and have to wait that long for the kitchen to be able to send it out, and he apologises for any inconvenience. In future, he will ensure a sign is put outside to let the patrons know the kitchen will be closing for a specific time.

This week is already a pretty hot week, but we don't mind, as long as we are able to keep watering the strawberries.

We hope you have a fantastic week, and look forward to seeing you at The Strawberry Farm this coming weekend.


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