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Excitement and School Groups...

Yesterday saw the first of our school groups come through for the season. It's awesome seeing the enthusiasm that the kids bring with them, a thirst for knowledge and of course the pure delight of enjoying our delicious strawberries (and mulberries) down in the fields.

This is Buster, one of our 6 dogs on the farm. Being a Boerbull, he loves spending time with us and the kids down in the fields. He particularly likes the shade of the mulberry trees. He doesn't normally look like a Dalmation, but during this time of the year, he is usually covered with purple spots and stripes.

There is much excitement as many of our heirloom veggies that we have planted have come up really nicely, and are nearly ready to pick.

Our radishes, baby beetroot, and some baby marrows will be ready this weekend for picking.

Next weekend, we should be able to offer green beans, maybe some purple beans, chinese cabbage and hopefully a whole bunch more.

As for the strawberries, they are still going strong. We have seen the first signs of raspberries and blackberries flowering, which means they are still a few weeks off from picking.

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