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Gone half way through the season...

Last weekend signified the middle of our season, or there abouts...

We should still have about 5 weekends of strawberry picking left, and as it goes, there will be less and less fruit to pick. The plants have decided that this heat isn't good and that it's full-on summer, they have started to send out their runner plants, which is their way of signifying that the fruit will be coming to an end. 

When the runners start making an appearance, we know that the season will be coming to an end slowly but surely.

There is still fruit out there,and we should have about 5 weeks of picking left before the season really is at an end for us. By that time, our blackberries and raspberries should be in season, and they have a very short season with us. We will be open for picking of those berries and our other organic produce into December.

We have quite a variety of produce currently in season - carrots, baby marrows (regular and yellow), beetroot, Chinese cabbage, pak choi, leeks, baby leeks, red lettuce, green beans, sugar snap peas, thyme, chives, radishes, multi-coloured swiss chard (spinach), regular spinach, we will have Hubbard squash, butternut and purple beans available soon too for picking.

It's always sad when the season has peaked and the end starts getting closer. For us it's a vibrant time, almost festive during the season. There is a constant buzz, and that starts fading as the plants make less and less fruit.

The farm doesn't stop though. There is a lot of preparation for next season that starts now, yes, during this season still. The work doesn't end... it intensifies as we scurry around, planning, putting our plans in place, upgrading... learning from the mistakes of this season... Trying new things, experimenting... We learn new things each season, what works, what doesn't, for us it's a lot of trial and error, but it's worth it.

Pop in to the farm this weekend, don't forget the hats, sunscreen and old shoes.

Bring the family for a good day out, or just come through for breakfast...

See you on the farm!!!

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