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Hot, confused weather...

The temperatures this week on the farm have been insanely hot. There was one evening at 7:30 pm that it was still 39°C...

The strawberries aren't sure what to make of the heat, as there has been no rain which normally follows the hot weather around.

One valley over, there was a huge fire, took out most of the farms, it was insane - the sky was a bright orange glow

We have strawberries available this weekend, not as much as the beginning of the season, due to the adverse weather conditions, but we should make it through a relatively calm weekend. We are expecting Sunday to be quite quiet as 2 main routes to get to us will be closed in Jo'burg due to the 94.7 Cycle challenge.

It's been a busy week on the farm, lots of repairs, planting, clearing and more planning going on. All of us on the farm appreciated the slightly overcast conditions that we experienced twice this week, it broke the oppressive heat, promptly adding a whole bunch of humidity which isn't that much fun.

It's going to be another crazy hot weekend out here according to the weather service, and hopefully the rain comes on Tuesday.

Looking forward to all the visitors to the farm this weekend, see you there.

Don't forget the sunscreen, hats, etc...  



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