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Rain, Glorious Rain...

What beautiful weather we have been having.

The slow drumming of the rain on our iron roofs has been a very welcome sound, one that is great to fall asleep to.

With the rain comes renewed growth on the farm. The strawberries will be sitting up and taking notice of the the nitrogen filled rain water, promoting the growth of the plants and more fruit. Our ground is muddy and rather sticky - as we have clay soil, which sticks to everything when it's wet.

The weatherman says that we are in for more rain tonight and tomorrow, which is still desperately needed during this drought that we are in. 

If you are planning on coming through this weekend, please bring old shoes, 'wellies' and expect a good bit of muddy fun in the fields. Yes, the grass keeps the mud level down, but it is definitely going to be quite sloshy and muddy in the fields, especially if there is good rain on Friday.

We urge you to come through early on Saturday to avoid disappointment, and to get the best of the berries. The last 2 weekends, we have been picked out around lunchtime on the Saturdays, just by sheer numbers of people coming through to the farm.

The weekend promises to be quite a sun-filled one, which means it's going to be quite humid out here, please keep hydrated, drench yourselves in sun screen, pull on a hat and old shoes, pack in the family for good clean country fun.

See you at the farm this weekend, TSF

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