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The new range of veggies available...

What a week! It's been a busy week again on the farm, what with the school group, new plants coming up, the finishing off of another field and finding that our potato plants are doing amazingly well.

We started harvesting our first batch of lettuce seeds today (Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce), the first time we have done this properly, and it's pretty exciting! We should be harvesting chive seeds next week, radish and beetroot seeds soon after that.

This weekend sees our range of veggies available swell to include Chinese Cabbage, more Spinach, Mustard Greens, Baby Beetroot, Baby Marrows and Celery.

Green Beans, Purple Beans as well as Yellow Beans should be available soon.

The Lettuce has come to an end, and the Carrots available are not far off being picked out - we have planted more and are waiting for them to make their presence felt.

During this week, we ploughed over one of the strawberry fields to make way for veggies. It had to be done, the amount of plants in that field was minimal. Plus we have to make sure we have space to plant next years plants...

In an attempt to stop people picking vegetables that are not ready for picking, and therefore wasting precious food, we post red signs reading "Please Do Not Pick Me" at the head of the bed, with some signs in the bed itself. We have also cordoned off some of the plants. If these plants are picked, they will be charged for at R200 per plant.

Besides that, if you pick fruit or vegetables and you feel you don't want to take them with you, please take them up to the weighing station and leave them there, and NOT discard them in the fields. Our hearts break when we walk down to the fields at the end of the day, only to find a lot of produce picked and left. We work hard to make sure there is sufficient produce for your enjoyment, so please, if you don't want it, either don't pick it, or if you find that you have picked too much, please leave it with John - he mans the gate every weekend. From there we can distribute it to people that need it.

So, for an awesome weekend spent out in the country, join us at The Strawberry Farm. Bring the sunscreen, hats and old shoes, pack in the family, and join us on the farm.

See you there!!!  


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