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The picnic dam is filling up...

The week has been a humid one, with a spit and a spot of rain, adding to the already high humidity of the Hartbeespoort dam area.

Yesterday and today have been our water allocation, this happens every 2 weeks or so, we get to fill our irrigation dam via a furrow system that comes from the Skeerpoort river. This river starts in the Sterkfontein caves and is full of minerals and yummy stuff which helps the plants grow. We are rather thankful, as our dam was looking really sad this week, as we have been pumping loads of water into the fields to keep everything alive. Usually we don't get the opportunity to have a little extra water, but this time the sluice was left open long enough for us to have a good go at filling our new picnic dam. No, the dam won't be full, but it gives our amazing clay soil an opportunity to to start creating the lining of the new dam. For us this is super exciting!!!

The next step is to start landscaping around the dam, planting trees and leveling out the ground for your comfort and pleasure.

As our strawberry season slowly comes to a grinding halt, we say goodbye to a bunch of our seasonal staff. These 9 ladies toil in the heat to keep the fields clean, by hand. They pull out the weeds and grass, often chopping the offending plants off just above the roots... These are the ladies that help keep the farm organic.. doing it all by hand... The ladies have managed to have 3 of the fields clean for this weekend, only one field hasn't been cleared... which means that over then next week or 2, the fields will start to get a little over grown, making picking a bit more difficult.

For those of you out there that want to know when our season will end, the short answer is that we don't know yet... In all honesty, we will only know a few days before it ends, due to the rate at which the strawberries grow. When nature says it's time to stop, then its time to stop. After the strawberries, we will still have veggie picking and if the other berries are available, we will open for picking of those too.

With some of the schools breaking up today, there will be quite a few parents looking for things to do with their kids in the next few weeks. We will be looking at possibly being open during next week for picking, be it for strawberries, or just veggies, we will have to see, it all depends on what the weekend brings. We will post it here if we are open or closed for picking during next week.

We hope you have an amazing Friday, and we hope to see you at the farm this weekend for picking...

The weatherman says that there is a good chance of thunder showers for both tomorrow and Sunday, but with maximum temperatures of about 35°C.

With the weather being the way it is, bring old shoes, an umbrella, sunscreen and a hat, we aren't sure what is coming our way this weekend. Don't forget, come early to avoid the heat... the earlier, the better...

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