The Strawberry Farm

Welcome to the Original Pick-your-Own Strawberry   near Hartbeespoort Dam

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Traffic, go figure...

Good morning, it's a fantastically overcast start to the day out here in the country.

The chefs have already been down to the fields to pick strawberries for the day, in the nice cool weather, it's very pleasant.

Van Gaalens Cheese Farm, a kilometer down the road from us, has also been busy from early - they have a cycle race on this morning. If you're planning on coming through to us this morning, expect a fair bit of cyclist traffic, keep calm, you're in the country. These races are usually done by mid-morning, so if you don't want to sit in the traffic, head through to be here for about 10am...

If you have someone riding in the race, and you are looking for a nice something to do, either while you wait, or after they have finished, come through to The Strawberry Farm, its a good way to unwind a little.

Our first pickers are here already and have been since 7:10 this morning... Eager to get started

Have an awesome day

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