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Fantastic weather...

Good morning, we are in for a weekend of fantastic weather if you are a duck or a pluviophile according to the weatherman.

This morning has started out nice and sunny, but we expect conditions to change from about 11 this morning. There is a 45% chance of thundershowers from 1 p.m. and the chance…

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Picked out!!!

Yes, you read correctly. We are picked out for this weekend folks. It's been a crazy weekend of vast numbers of pickers between yesterday and this morning. 

Our restaurant and picnic areas will still be open until 4 p.m. this afternoon. If you're in the area, pop in for a double thick strawberry…

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A beautiful day...

What a day we had yesterday. Loads of people came through to pick and eat our strawberries in the fields. 

Over and above the devouring of our delicious bounty down in the fields, about 7000 strawberries were picked to take home. Yes, its a lot of strawberries, but we do still have more to be en…

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A glorious morning for picking

It's a glorious morning here on the strawberry farm. A fantastic start to the day, cool with a light breeze - perfect for picking.

Last weeks rain was very welcome, and has done wonders for the strawberries, perking them up and making them look really good. We have loads of strawberries for picki…

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A beautiful day greeted us this morning, with light cloud cover and a few patches of blue sky. The weatherman really didn't get it right this weekend, as rain and thunderstorms were forecast for most of it and what awesome weather we have been having. But hey, we are happy, with a lot of happy picke…

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It's raining, it's pouring...

It's been a beautiful week of intermittent rain, with a full day of rain yesterday. The plants love the rain, and perk up a lot with the cooler weather and the 21mm of the downpour really does a world of difference. We have had pickers enjoying the wet and muddy conditions in the fields, of which so…

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And it started...

As I walked down the driveway to remove the "Closed for Picking" sign at 07:25 this morning, the 7th and 8th vehicle of the morning drove past me, and I have to say the people in the 7th vehicle seemed a lot more jovial with a great smile and wave as they drove past... I figure the people in car num…

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Yes, folks, that's right... Season will open 30 September 2017

Yes, you read correctly... Picking season starts tomorrow, 30 September 2017.

For the first time in the 14 years that we have been open for strawberry picking, are we limiting the opening weekend picking hours. We will be open for picking from 7:30 am until 10 am on Saturday for picking, with Sun…

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The fields...

As it stands, 2 of the fields bounty is beautifully ripe with the majority of them being a good size. That still leaves the rest of the fields to start catching up, which we doubt will happen by this coming weekend. It looks like we will be opening for a limited time this coming weekend for picking.…

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Strawberry season is nearly here

Our strawberry season is nearly upon us.

The plants are full of little white flowers, most are heavy with green strawberries, with a few of the plants producing red fruit so far. Unfortunately this isn't anywhere near sufficient for you - the public - to come and pick. 

We expect that we will …

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Spring Spa Specials

Checkout our Spring Spa Specials here.

Go ahead, spring clean your motivation with a day in the spa.

Feel rejuvenated after the long dry winter, plus it's a short downhill to the end of the year...

Spring is here

Spring has arrived in full force already, with temperatures already reaching 34ºC out in the fields.

The strawberries are in beautiful bloom with loads of little white flowers on the plants, along with a fair amount of green strawberries. This means we should have a good crop of strawberries to …

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Strawberry Season info

It is not yet strawberry season on the farm. We expect the season to start after the winter. 

There are strawberry flowers in the fields, which is a good sign that season may start a little earlier than previous years. We hope that there will not be a really cold spell in the coming weeks.


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blog post

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Our landline is currently down, our service provider is working on resolving the problem. Please contact us on our cell number 082 503 5996.

Thank you.

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Valentine's Day 2017

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to book something fabulous for your hearts' desire.

We have plenty offerings available for 14 February, most are available for the weekend before and the weekend after - for those of you that can't make it mid-week. See below f…

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Strawberry Season has ended !!!

19 December 2016


Strawberry picking season has ended for this year.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to the new strawberry season in 2017.

Please keep a look out on our website for the start of the new season.

Our picnic area, Day Spa & Forage & Feast Restaurant are open th…

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That's it for the season...

I'ts been an odd season this year, and is about at an end.

The heat and drought took its toll on the farm this year, even with us irrigating from our own dam.

We have started preparing for our 2017 season already, and look forward implementing our new ideas and strategies.

This year we sa…

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8 Course Wine Paired Dinner

Our latest 8 course wine paired dinner menu has been announced for Saturday 19 November.

The menu is available on our catering website on the page Fraise Gourmet Dining 

Dinner is strictly by prior booking only, at R650 per person.

Book now to avoid disappointment

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