Strawberry Picking

Out in the strawberry fields is where I want to be.
Strawberry picking & eating in the fields and how it works. Pick and eat your own organically grown strawberries ‘Straight from the Source’ experience
Our Strawberry Picking Season 2021 is here
Strawberry picking season starts again in September.

The Strawberry Farm is the fun place to be all year round!

The Strawberry Farm is the fun place to be all year round and especially at strawberry season!!! Come and spend the day picking and eating deliciously sweet, ripe, organic strawberries, down in our fields!

How it works:

Strawberry picking is available to the public every Saturday, Sunday during our season. The 2021 season unfortunately ended already. In season just come along – There is no need to book for weekends unless you wish to pre-order a picnic basket from us.
We are currently closed to the public for strawberry picking. The fields usually open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. weekends only

What your entrance fee allows

This entrance fee allows you to pick and eat strawberries as many deliciously sweet strawberries as you like down in our fields, all day long. Head into our fields as many times during the day as you wish. This fee also allows you to bring along your own picnic basket and spend a lazy day by our dams in our picnic areas.

This fee is charged if you want to enter the fields or picnic or both, regardless of if you pick or only want to “have a quick look”.

NB: Once you have paid the entrance fee, absolutely no refunds will be issued.

Strawberries to take home

All strawberries and mulberries (when available) taken out of the fields will be weighed and charged for at the going rate on the day.
As our strawberries are organic, there are no herbicides or pesticides or artificial fertilizers used to grow them, we recommend that they are picked from the plant and eaten immediately, no washing is necessary. However, we will have water points down in the fields if you feel its absolutely a must to rinse them off, but please don’t allow them to stand in the water, as they go mushy and start to lose their flavour.

Feast at our restaurant

Forage & Feast, our restaurant, offers delicious breakfasts. Have lunch with tea, scrumptious cakes and desserts too.
Be sure to enjoy our incredible Strawberry Cheesecake or a decadent Crumpet Tower, but a must have is our fresh Strawberry Milkshakes – deliciously thick and made with real strawberries!
Picnic baskets are available by prior order from us. The picnic options will be detailed from early September on our picnic page on this website.
The Entrance Fees are not included in the cost of our Picnic Baskets during the Strawberry Season.

We are a working farm

Please note:

As we are a working farm, we have our own animals, dogs, a gaggle of geese, a few ducks, an array of wild bird life, some fish in our dam, and a few mischievous cats. Please, don’t bring your pets.

Absolutely no pets allowed

Ours don’t like other pet visitors.
Also, all of our animals, especially our feathered friends, are not targets, so please do not let your children throw stones at them – Stones do damage.
Duck food is the order of the day for them, and is available from our restaurant. Please do not feed them bread.
Being a farm environment can make for some difficulty with a wheelchair as the ground does have a tendency to be uneven. It’s not impassable in a wheelchair, unless we have just experienced some good rain, at which point you will more than likely get stuck.

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